How to buy your first LED grow light?


I have been using LED grow lights for several years. As a result, we have collected many ideas and methods that can help you optimize your investments. You may already know a little about lighting. We all know that in the past we used complex HID lighting systems for indoor growing applications, but now many people are using LED plant lights.

We will list the advantages of using LEDs for growing plants. We will also tell you what to consider when buying Grow lights.


If you are new to the HID vs LED debate or have known it for a while. Compared to using older HID lighting technologies, here we list the main advantages of using LED grow lights.

Less energy – This is one of the best things about using LED grow lights. They consume very little energy. This can save quite a bit of electricity.

Easy to set up – LED arrays and lighting fixtures are generally easier to set up and run. Some versions do not require a ballast, just a simple power outlet.

Longer Lasting – We know that LED lights last for at least 100,000 hours. This equates to years of growing time. This means you can use LED lights for a long time. Save money and time.

There are many other benefits of using LED grow lights. Read the benefits for more details. Now let’s look at some practical tips and suggestions. You should keep this in mind if you decide to purchase your lighting system online.

Taller – If you’ve used HID lights in the past and now want to use LED grow lights, you’re better off with taller lights. For example, if you set up an 800 watt HID, you should think about 1200 watts for your new LED lighting system. The good news is that the extra power doesn’t require a fan or additional equipment.

Lighting Control – Another aspect to consider is the type of light reaching the plants. For example, more blue light may be better for early stages of growth and switching to more red light may be beneficial at other stages of plant growth, e.g. budding. You will be spending a little more for a quality LED grow light that offers this. Alternatively, you can use the maximum amount of LED arrays or different types of lighting already programmed into the product.

Light Power – Understanding the right power to use for indoor growing operations is essential if you want good harvests. For smaller jobs, something in the range of about 90-120 watts may be sufficient, but you may need something a little higher because of the low-power LED lights. For example, the 180-360 watt range is good enough for anything from a few plants to a few rows of plants.

Life Cycle – You may want the best price when purchasing LED grow lights. If you sit down and consider the life cycle of how long an LED can run, you’ll find that spending a little more money upfront can get you high-quality LED lighting. They will work for tens of thousands of hours, years of growing time.

Shape – Several different styles are available, from UFO-style designs to traditional panels. Choose the one that suits your plant’s growing environment. For example, if you have a single plant in a small place, a large array of LED grow lights is a big waste.

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