When to start feeding outdoor cannabis plants?


The experienced cannabis grower will be able to ‘read’ the signs from their cannabis plant that it is in need of extra nutrition. But precise timings of when to start feeding outdoor cannabis plants will depend on local conditions. If the plant is rooted into a small container you may need to feed your plant every day as she nears harvest. However, if rooted directly into good quality soil you may only wish to consider occasional use of general-purpose bloom nutrients during the flowering phase.


Best nutrients for indoor cannabis plants


Many experienced growers settle on a particular brand of best cannabis nutrients and develop an expert level of familiarity with those nutrients. It’s difficult to recommend any one specific brand since so many of the nutrient companies have fully usable product lines. But one strong piece of advice, especially for less experienced growers, is to keep cannabis nutrition as simple as possible. That’s because it is an area where accidental dosing mistakes can happen with potentially serious consequences.

As previously mentioned, slow-release organic nutrients such as those from BioTabs can remove some of the uncertainty and complexity for less experienced growers. Using them, you are able to simply add water through the grow, with perhaps only a light bloom feed required toward the end.

One other tip for those worried about getting cannabis nutrition wrong is to consider growing in large containers of quality soil, e.g. 50 litre airpots. These will have sufficient nutrition for a lengthy period – though the precise length of time depends on several factors. This includes the soil quality and plant size.

A ‘light’ soil mix will be depleted of it’s nutrients faster than a heavier soil blend fortified with added nutrients. The size of your plant will also affect how long the nutrients last in a large container of soil. A large cannabis plant will consume the nutrition faster than a small/medium sized plant.

Use of slow release organic cannabis nutrients in the soil can further extend the length of time that the soil will provide nutrition to your plant. If you are growing an autoflower in large airpots of soil, you may only have to think about additional bloom nutrition in the last stages.

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