Dispelling About Rick Simpson Oil


What is RSO CBD?

CBD RSO is almost identical to other RSOs except for one essential difference, that the content of RSO cures cancer is derived from cannabis or hemp plant material that is high in CBD and low in THC.

There are more than a few different types of CBD oil, but Rick Simpson oil is not the same as the cooking or oral liquids you often find in stores. It is thicker, purer, healthier, and more concentrated than any type of CBD oil on the market today.

Does Rick Simpson Oil Really Cure Cancer?

Rick devised the treatment after reading a study that showed that mice with lung cancer benefited greatly from cannabinoids. That study was done in mice, which found that cannabinoids help boost the immune system while undergoing cancer treatment, and another study seems to suggest that THC actually increases and promotes the growth of some types of cancer cells. It sparked curiosity and drive for further research, including other studies. .

Over time, scientists gained permission to conduct clinical trials on humans, and results showed that it could be beneficial and safe to use as a treatment in most cases, but not for all cancers. They also seem to prove that some may be detrimental to certain types of cancer, which makes the whole thing a bit of a guessing game at this point.

So while we can say with certainty that cannabinoids can benefit the majority of cancer patients for a variety of reasons, there is absolutely no evidence that RSO extracts can treat any type of cancer, and the few studies that have shown improvement are in animals. or make it difficult to use on humans.

Will RSO help with pain?

Because RSO extract is packed with some of the most potent cannabis cannabinoids, it can most definitely help relieve pain, either through immediate relief (THC) or long-term reduction of swelling and circulation problems (CBD).

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